Use a Mini-Coach for Your Next Business Event

Providing the Best in Corporate Group Transportation

Pulling off a successful business event like a conference, retreat, or award ceremony can be quite a hassle. There are so many different things to consider that it can be quite a daunting task. You have to worry about providing a meal that will appeal to all tastes and preferences, booking entertainment that will keep everyone from becoming bored, and making your mandatory event seem less of a requirement and more of an enjoyment. Not to mention all the minute details that are often forgotten, such as décor, proper silverware, and seating arrangements.

One aspect of event planning that is often overlooked is the transportation. We’re going to break it down for you and give you all the reasons you need to include corporate group transportation for your next business event.

Venue Issues

Picking a venue for your next business event is also probably one of the most important decisions you can make during the planning process. The wrong venue can make or break your event in more ways than one.

For example, what if the venue you’ve chosen doesn’t have the ability to provide parking for everyone? You could arrange for everyone to park at the office and be chauffeured to the event venue in a mini-coach. With Empire Corporate Transportation, we have several different mini-coaches, limo buses, and charter buses that can accommodate anywhere from 18 passengers all the way up to 53 passengers at a time.

Another thing you should consider when arranging transportation for your employees and their guests is whether or not they’ll be able to drive home safely if the venue and your planning includes an open bar. If your chosen venue is outside of the city, your guests may not have the ability to hail a cab if they’ve had one too many. By providing group transportation, you can ensure everyone arrives home safely at the end of the night.

Out of Town Travel

If the business event you’re planning is an out of town retreat, a mini-coach would be perfect for getting everyone there together. By providing your employees and coworkers the ability to ride together for a long distance will encourage communication. You could even arrange for everyone to be seated with different departments so they’re able to get to know different people within the company. Improved communications between different departments can go a long way towards improving the day to day operations.

The charter buses, mini-coaches, and limo buses offered by Empire Corporate Transportation also come equipped with televisions and sound systems to provide entertainment on those long trips out of town. While the most important thing about putting everyone together on these trips is to encourage communication, not everyone can keep a conversation going for several hours. Having the TVS and sound systems on board will provide filler entertainment once things get a bit quiet. They can watch a movie together, listen to music, and enjoy the rest of the ride.

There are several different types of business events that you could have come up throughout the year. With the holidays coming up you could plan a company-wide Thanksgiving meal, a Christmas gala to collect donations for those that are less fortunate, or just a company retreat to improve intra-office relations amongst your employees. No matter what type of business event you’re planning, you shouldn’t forget the importance of corporate group transportation. That mini-coach or charter bus could solve a lot of logistical problems like parking and safety that are often forgotten about during the planning process. Call us at Empire Corporate Transportation and let us put together a package that is perfect for you, your company, and your budget.


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Improve Office Relations with These Cincinnati Activities

Corporate Team-Building Exercises Your Team Will Actually Enjoy

It takes a bit more than just hiring the best candidate in your industry. You could have an office filled with highly skilled and qualified employees, but if they don’t work well together, you and your company won’t be running to the best of its ability. There are several benefits of putting your employees through various different team-building activities. They have the ability to improve communication and cooperation between different departments as well as boosting their problem-solving skills and encouraging positive thinking.

Unfortunately, some team-building activities are boring and unable to hold the attention of those that are attending. This is when you have to bring some creativity to the table and provide them with different activities that are fun and will actually engage your team members. Lucky for you, there are plenty of options around Cincinnati for you to consider when putting together a team-building excursion for your company.

RockQuest Climbing Center
3475 E Kemper Rd

Trust is an important part of rock climbing, which makes it an excellent activity for improving team relations within the office. At RockQuest Climbing Center, you and your team can learn together and reach towards a goal of scaling that wall. They have different packages available, even an overnight package, that would be perfect for you and your team. Everyone would have a great time, learn a new skill, and gain insight on how important trust is within the office.

Dave & Buster’s
11775 Commons Dr

Known as the Chuck E Cheese for grown-ups, Dave & Buster’s also offers a few different team building activities that are sure to keep your employees entertained. The Mad Dash gives your team three different missions that have to be completed on a deadline. The Company Challenge pits your teams against others at games like Super Trivia and Skee-ball while the Ultimate Quest is like a point based version of a scavenger hunt. All of these options are fantastic for building leadership skills, focusing on individual talents and skills, and boosting a competitive spirit amongst your team members.

Cincinnati Escape Room
2300 Montana Ave Suite 420

Escape rooms have seen a boom in popularity over the past few years and for good reason. At Cincinnati Room Escape, you and your team will be presented with the challenge of solving puzzles, working together, and staying calm under pressure to get out of a sticky situation. They offer a few different room options in varying difficulty, so there is sure to be one that is perfect for you and your team’s strengths and weaknesses. They’re more than happy to work with your company to create a private event during the week so that your entire team is able to attend.

Cincinnati Circus Company
6433 Wiehe Rd

You can almost guarantee your employees a fun and exciting time when you send them off to the Cincinnati Circus Company for a team-building event. They offer a flying trapeze experience as well as laser tag, Olympic games, circus and spy schools, and other activities that will bring everyone together while they also have a blast. They even offer murder mystery lunches and dinners so you can make the day as enjoyable as possible.

Sometimes those great employees of yours just need a bit of a push. They may be shy or just too focused on their own job to realize how important it is to develop and cultivate relationships with their coworkers and other departments. Reserve a corporate shuttle bus or Executive Sprinter to whisk your team members off for a day of team-building activities that they will actually enjoy! Make it a regular occurrence and you will be amazed at the improvements you see within each person.


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5 Keys to Setting Effective Business Goals

Surviving and Succeeding in the Corporate World

Even if you feel as though you’ve hit your glass ceiling at work, there is always room for improvement and advancement. It’s easy to become complacent in the workplace if you feel as though you’ve peaked, but you should always continue to challenge yourself and set goals that will encourage that advancement. Setting business goals will motivate you towards thriving and succeeding in your industry. In fact, it may even spur you to changing your industry if you realize you’re better suited for something else. However, these goals need to be well thought out and implemented at a time that is going to benefit you the best.

Here are five keys and tips to setting effective business goals so you can survive and succeed in the corporate world.

Be Practical

If you set unrealistic goals, you will continue to be disappointed time and time again. When it comes to setting a goal for yourself, you need to be practical in its designation. If you’re a first level executive, it wouldn’t be realistic to set a goal of becoming the CEO in a year. All that does is set you up for failure and causes the whole reasoning behind setting these goals to lose their meaning.

If you’re a first level executive, you should instead set a goal of moving up to the next level within a year. This is something that could feasibly be done as long as you put your mind to it. If you’re just a data entry clerk, make your goal to move up to becoming an executive assistant. No matter where you are in life and in your career, there are always going to be opportunities to move forward.

Set Your Deadline

As we mentioned above, a year is often a good deadline for your goals, depending on the goal at hand. Some goals may take less time while others may take more. You can’t expect to move from an entry level position to a salaried executive position in less than a year, but you can move up in your department. An improper deadline can be as unrealistic as some of the goals we mentioned above, so you should put some serious consideration in the amount of time you feel it would take to meet and exceed that goal.

Be Specific

When setting your goals, you can’t be vague. It can’t just be “move up in the company”. That can be left to all sorts of interpretation. You need to be specific when wording your goals so you know exactly what you’re striving for. If you want to be the manager of the financial department of your company, that is exactly what your goal needs to state. If you leave it as just working in management, that could be for any department and not necessarily one that utilizes your skills to their advantage.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Adjustments

Life happens, and there is nothing wrong with realizing the goals you set a year ago aren’t exactly what you want now. There is nothing wrong with reviewing your previous desired achievements and making adjustments to the goal you have in front of you. Maybe you’ve had a child and realized that the goal position you set forth is one that will take up a lot of your time. It’s ok to reconsider your milestones and change them accordingly. There are still ways to move up in the world without sacrificing your family time.


Once you’ve met and achieved your goal, it’s time to celebrate! The whole point of celebrating a goal being met is to remind yourself that you can do it! No matter what “IT” is, you’ve done it once so you know now that you’ll be able to do it again in the future. Just because you’ve marked one goal off your list, doesn’t mean it’s time to rest on your laurels. Rather, once you’re done celebrating one goal being met, it’s time to move on to the next.

Setting goals is a way of life that will ensure you continue moving forward. As you meet and exceed these goals, you will experience a boost of confidence, motivation, and experience that will be important for meeting those next goals you set forth. Hopefully these tips will help you on your journey up the corporate ladder!


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